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2019-2021 Board of Directors Nominations

With the Spring Splash just around the corner in a few short months that also means that Board of Director Elections are also coming up as well. McBOAT elects half of our board each year at the spring Splash party. the election rules follow and if you have any questions please feel free to let us know. An email should be arriving to all members soon!

Nomination papers for the 2019 election are due no later than MARCH 21, 2019.


McBOAT Election and Campaign Rules

Nomination rules

  1. All nominated persons must meet the requirements of Article 3 Section 01 of the McBOAT Bylaws.

  2. All nominated persons must be a “General Member” as described in Article 2 Section 01 of the McBOAT Bylaws.

  3. Nominations are due no later than forty-five (45) days prior to a posted election.

  4. Nominations must be submitted in writing and be accompanied by the following:

  5. Full Legal name of the Nominee

  6. Mailing address of the Nominee

  7. Phone number of the Nominee

  8. Email (if available) of the Nominee

  9. Per Article 3 Section 04 of the McBOAT Bylaws all nominations are subject to board review.

  10. Per Article 3 of McBOAT Bylaws a minimum of five Directors are required, in the event that 5 members cannot be found outgoing Directors may retain their Director positions without being elected starting with the most senior director first.

  11. Write-in Candidates will be allowed provided they meet the requirements discussed in Article 3 Section 01 of the McBOAT Bylaws and any other nomination requirements as may be required.

  12. One ballot will be issued per current McBOAT General and Associate members, paid in full.

  13. Mail-in ballots are acceptable provided:

  14. The ballot has the name of the voting Member written on the ballot in an indelible ink

  15. Is requested no later than ten (10) days prior to an election

  16. Is received no later than five (5) days after an election


<you can copy and paste the below section into word or an email to complete it>

Nomination Form

Please print clearly as the information provided below will be used to place your name on the Ballot.

Name: _______________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________

City: _______________________________________________ State: ______ Zip code: __________

Phone: ___________________________________________________________

Email: __________________________________________________________________________

I, the above named, attest that all of the information is correct to the best of my knowledge and agree to follow all of the campaign and election rules of the McKinley Boat Owners Association.

Signed: ____________________________________________________________

Send this form to:

Via Email:

Via Postal Mail: McKinley Boat Owners Association Attn: Nominations and Elections Committee P.O. Box 837

Milwaukee, WI 53201


Campaign rules

The following shall be the rules for any campaign for any office within the organization of McBOAT. Any Violations of these rules may result in disciplinary action(s) from the Nominations and Elections Committee.

  1. No candidate may buy votes or offer to buy votes in any manner using any method.

  2. (i.e.) Candidate A offers to pay for dinner to any person who shows proof they voted for Candidate A.

  3. No candidate may begin to campaign prior to submitting their nomination paperwork to McBOAT.

  4. “begin to campaign” shall be defined as but not limited to: producing and or distributing any literature (real or digital), holding events and public appearances with the purpose of spreading a candidate’s message.

  5. Directors-elect who will campaign for an officer position may begin their campaigns at the conclusion of the Spring Splash Party (Annual Meeting).

  6. Candidates may request contact lists of McBOAT membership from the current McBOAT Secretary at a fee, if at all, to be determined by that office.

  7. No campaigning will be allowed in or around the poll, annual meeting commonly called the Spring Splash Party with exception to directing persons where to acquire their ballots, and the passive answering of questions regarding a candidate’s position.

  8. No candidate shall at any time participate in any activity which undermines the authority of the Nominations and Elections Committee.

  9. No candidate shall at any time participate in any activity which damages the integrity of the election process or the McKinley Boat Owners Association.


Complaints and charges of rule violations must be made in writing no later than fifteen (15) days after the election in which the alleged violation took place. Written complaints and charges should be sent to the Nominations and Elections Committee and may be submitted via email at or to the Board of Directors at any meeting or via postal mail addressed to:

McBOAT Nominations and Elections Committee Attn: Rule Violations

P.O. Box 837

Milwaukee, WI 53201

Rule Violations will be reviewed by no more than three (3) members of the Nomination and Elections Committee, their decisions and disciplinary actions are final.

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