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     In 2014 Mike Johnson and Brent Holmes met in the parking lot of center section north and in passing looked at each other and both started simply with," Aren't you that guy who..."

Mike had been previously involved with McBOAT and worked closely on the efforts to get two parking passes per slip tenant and also to alert and fight the Milwaukee County Government when they threatened with a 6% increase of slip fees with no amenity increases.  Unfortunately Mike had worked very passionately on this efforts during the death throws of the previous, and original, McKinley Boat Owners Association.

A number of years later Brent seeing a void of representation with the old incarnation of McBOAT seeming to be no longer active, he set out to create a simple Facebook page where boaters of the McKinley Marina basin could get together and share, bond, and work together to make the marina a better place.

A quick 30 minutes later and both agreed that something had to be done and a new McBOAT might be the answer.  Mike reached out to an old friend and past McBOAT President Ron Cohen for the blessings to use the McBOAT name and carry on in the spirit of the previous organization and it was of course granted.

Flyers were then made and friends contacted, the first meeting took place at Riverfront pizzeria with the following being listed as founding members:

  • Mike Johnson

  • Brent Holmes

  • Sue Johnson

  • Jim Melotte

  • Paul Theilen

  • Mike Budiac

  • Scott Zeibol

  • Ron Cohen

From there the group set out to affect real change within the Marina.  To date successes have been installing lights on the regulatory buoys of the marina basin, ensuring timely maintenance of the marina facility, securing 100% access to the marina regardless of LMD functions, and many more.

Contact us to learn more about McBOAT and how you can get involved and support!

About us


In-depth Mission:
McBoat's mission is to advocate on behalf of McKinley slip tenants to maximize their marina experience. Maintaining a working relationship between the tenants of McKinley Marina and Marina Staff towards improving access to, and a professionally operated marina. Provide an outlet for educational & recreational information to McKinley Marina Tenants. To work with other related organizations in the McKinley Marina Basin on behalf of the McKinley Marina Tenants.


Why Join McBoat?

1. We are an association to represent all marina slip tenants.

2. Works to ensure acceptable Tenant Access during Lincoln Memorial drive closures. 

3. Communicate maintenance and other marina concerns.

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