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Buoy Lighting and Maintenance


In 2018 McBOAT embarked on a bold plan to help improve the McKinley Marina Basin for all who transit through here during the nighttime and waning light hours.

That plan was to add solar power lights to the existing regulatory "Slow No Wake" buoys which surround the mooring basin.  With the County Park's blessing as well as the blessings of the Coast Guard your McBOAT Board of Directors began the search for lighting options which would work for the marina and meet all applicable standards and lighting requirements.

In the beginning of the 2018 season McBOAT purchased 6 lights and through the generous support and donations of President and Owner of Permay Plastics Mike Johnson the lights were installed on the buoys for no additional costs.

This brings us to where we are today.

We Need your Support!

McBOAT has established a Maintenance and replacement fund to cover the repair and eventual replacement of the buoy lights, but we need your help!

Consider giving just a few dollars, even just $5.00 to this fund which will never be used for any purpose but to repair, and replace buoy lights as needed in the future.

So please do consider donating to the Buoy Light Maintenance Fund by clicking the button below

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