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An up-date on the new McBoat (McKinley Marina Boat Owners Association).

Greetings fellow marina tenants,

The new Board of Directors has had several very productive meetings and the organization has come together much the same as the past McBoat. We are revising the Bylaws to meet today’s new electronic age.

Our initial focus is divided into a four part plan. 1. Lincoln Memorial Drive Closures- To be aligned with the County in such a fashion that we represent tenants regarding access and communication. 2. Tenant Safety concerns. One stand out item is entrance gate identification. We have heard instances where emergency personal have been dispatched and arrived at the marina. Only to find they were at the wrong Section / Gate. Simple markings could save valuable response time. 3. To direct focus on Marina amenities, deferred maintenance, and security. 4. To grow McBoat membership to that of past years and becoming a working body included in county marina tenant related business.

We were able to retrieve an absolute wealth of information and documentation regarding tenants and the marina over the years. We intend on posting articles of interest and history in our official Water line Communications on the web site. We will also be looking to post current news features relating to the marina basin.

Our Facebook page is active and our new web site is up and running. We suggest you take a moment and take a look! New additions are in process and will be added very soon.

Next! We are organizing relations with the county parks. They will be looking at our membership numbers. We are gearing up for a membership drive.



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