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No Phase 2 Funding for North Section Parking Lot Renovation


As many of you know the Parks Department has been planning to renovate the Northern Parking area of McKinley Marina which includes the Boat launch, winter storage, Milwaukee Yacht Club Parking, and of course the North Section Slip tenant parking lot. you can see a Power Point Slide set from the Presentation by Clicking here:

This project was to be completed in 3 phases over 3 years. This first of which has been funded and is slated to begin and complete construction prior to the opening of the 2019 boating season. However, Phase 2 is a different story.

During the Budget debate and trimming of the 2019 Capital improvement budget the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors decided not to pursue funding for phase 2 of the parking lot renovation. (Source: 2019 Capital Budget

This is of course devastating news especially in light of the proposed 2% slip fee increase for 2019, but we are hoping you can help change that and time is running out. The Budget Adoption meeting is on 11-5-18 ( just 3 business days (6 total days away)!

We need you to reach out and talk to your Board Supervisor and tell them to reinstate phase 2 funding for the McKinley Marina parking lot renovation. Find your supervisor here:

You can also feel free to contact the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors using their contact information below: Chairman Supervisor Theodore Lipscomb - 1st District


Supervisor 1st Vice Chair Marcelia Nicholson - 5th District


Supervisor 2nd Vice Chair Sequanna Taylor - 2nd District

Supervisor James "Luigi" Schmitt - 6th District


Supervisor Willie Johnson, Jr. - 13th District


Supervisor John F. Weishan, Jr. - 16th District


Supervisor Marina Minitrijevic - 4th District


Supervisor Jason Haas - 14th District


Supervisor Deanna Alexander - 18th District


Supervisor Anthony Staskunas - 17th District


Supervisor Eddie Cullen - 15th District


Supervisor Supreme Moore Omokunde - 10th District

Supervisor Dan Sebring - 11th District


Supervisor Sheldon A. Wasserman - 3rd District


Supervisor Patti Logsdon - 9th District


Supervisor Felesia A. Martin - 7th District


Supervisor Steven Shea - 8th District


Supervisor Sylvia Ortiz-Velez - 12th District


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