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McBoat meets with Parks Dept!


This, rather cold, morning McBoat Board members met with a number of Parks Department personelle including Susie Devich of the Milwaukee County Parks System and our very own Harbormaster Eric Lesch about some concerns that both we as McBoat and the concerns other marina tenants have brought to our attention. Some of the biggest items, such as 24hr unrestricted access to the marina even during events, was on the Parks department radar as well as McBoat's. Many ideas where discussed and we were happy to hear that for events planned in 2015 have already been asked to keep their closure of LMD to a minimum and to make those closures happen in the early morning hours (prior to 10:00am).

Other concerns brought up, such as raccoons getting into boats and other dockage area, were brought up and discussed as well. All involved agreed that in a case such as this more tenant involvement is required. Now We are sure your are wondering what that means for you the Tenants of McKinley Marina. Quiet simply, it means don't leave food out and make sure to clean your grill(s) to eliminate food odor. (More on this topic in a later blog) Even some of our smaller topics were able to be worked in such as improved wifi access through password protections, pet leash rules, wayfinding signage, and even discount programs were loosly discussed for returning slip tenants! But the best part of this initial meeting was yet to come, the positivity of all involved. On each of the topics that were discussed both McBoat and the Parks Department were very positive on both indentifying the problems currently being experienced but also in embracing solutions and potential change to create a better McKinley Marina for everyone. And Your McBoat Board of Directors is dedicated to seeing McKinley Marina become an even better place to enjoy what Lake Michigan, The City of Milwaukee, and the County of Milwaukee have too offer! Below is a full Copy of the letter we gave to the Parks department outlining our goals for McKinley Marina in the future

The new McBoat Board of Directors has had several very productive meetings and the organization has come together much the same intent as the past McBoat. We are revising the Bylaws to meet today’s new electronic age. Through our face book, e-mail, and web site interest and input has been gathered.

We wish to establish point contacts and review with you some of the tenant input / data. Please understand that by no means do we expect any actions done overnight. It is our intent that by making concerns known Parks can review and aim to fulfill some action items. We do understand some items will take time to accomplish while others will take less. We are dedicated to working with the Parks and tenants alike to create a great marina that everyone is proud of for the foreseeable future. We hope eventual tenant input will include some boasting of the marina.

Something to note: McKinley Marina fees are nearly the highest on the lake and clearly the nearby area yet fall short on amenities even when compared to lower cost marinas. We have found comparable marinas are very interested in making tenants and guests feel “hotel comfortable” while at their marinas.

Our initial focus is divided into a four part plan.

1. Lincoln Memorial Drive Closures that eliminate tenant access- McBoat wishes to be aligned with the County in such a fashion that we represent tenants regarding access and communication.

2. Tenant Safety Concerns. One stand out item is entrance gate identification. We have heard instances where emergency personal have been dispatched and arrived at the marina. Only to find they were at the wrong Section / Gate. Simple markings could save valuable response time.

Dock ladders Security, both parking and Boats. Who to call for vandalism

Security Cameras Visible trained dock staff Acceptable Throw Rings

3. To direct focus on Marina amenities, deferred maintenance, and professional marina expectations.

Internet Access Cable TV Broken water lines

Parking lot maintenance Lights and Ballasts New shower curtains

Clean Power Poles Pressure Washed docks ( Spring) Stray Voltage

Rodent control plan Better quality Fuel & policy Marina Promotion

Center Bath ventilation Secure Bike Racks Slip fees prior to commitment

Customer Service Dock Cart Return Policy Motor Bikes on docks

4. To grow McBoat membership and becoming a working body included in county marina tenant related business. Marina supported events, Music, Venetian night, spring splash party with food. Educational meeting and an active open concerns forum.

Do you have a topic you would like us to discuss? If so, let us know at

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