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Waterline McBoat Update May 3, 2015

Waterline McBoat Update.

With the boating season upon us. It is a good time to schedule a Coast Guard Auxiliary Safety Inspection. The Auxiliary will be at McKinley for vessel safety inspections soon. We will be posting dates and contact info very soon!

The following is heads up of action items McBoat has been active on. We are proud to say the new partnership between the marina, parks & McBoat is healthy and working well. We are also please to have just adopted bylaws for the new McBoat- Thanks to the countless hours and efforts of Brent Holmes!

We recently met with county and law enforcement to discuss McKinley Marina tenant access during events that impede Lincoln Memorial Drive. Focus was on all planned lakefront events whether they closed the LMD or just have a parking operation that could slow our egress into the marina.

The LMD closures are managed by Milwaukee County Police. While it was stressed that there may be some delays for safety. Once clear tenants will be allowed immediate access. They really want us to stress to be patient even if we cannot see the issue. They do have to clear it prior to motor vehicles proceeding.

The marina will e-mail us notices of the closures. McBoat will also be posting the events lists on our web site

During these LMD closures, Two forms of passes will be allowed permit to enter. 1. Your marina parking pass. #2. A stamped dated guest pass. We urge marina tenants to think ahead and plan a guest pass as it will be much easier to pick guest passes prior to an event date. The marina does date stamp the guest pass for the day you require using it.

We also ask that if a parking operation is slowing your egress to your slip that you please be patient with the workers involved.

Our second level of action items reviewed tenant safety.

The condition of life rings- Marina staff is cleaning them up and replacing damaged units. Covers will not be used as they make great spider condos. The plan is to keep them clean and easily accesible.

Adding dock ladders- Marina and McBoat have looked into solutions. This is a very high initial investment. The ladders themselves are very costly due to the manufacturers liability costs.

Security for parking and docks-Parks has received a grant and they are looking at options.

Lighting was reviewed- Trees have been trimmed or removed.

Marina Signage was reviewed- Parks are looking to add directional sign to be placed near center marina to help guide safety personal to the correct marina center.

Our third level of action items.

Internet access- Parks are in the process of writing a work order to have a dedicated internet cable run down to the marina. This is a go however, will take quite some time to construct and implement. We hope this new dedicated internet will also be password protected. We will stay on this and report as we learn.

Parking lot maintenance- There is no money in the 2015 budget for improvements. We have new parking lines in center section!

Broken water lines / Lights and ballasts- Work orders have been placed and once power and water are on these items can be repaired.

Shower Curtains- New curtains will be in place once the marina opens.

Cleaning docks and Power poles- A few weeks ago we saw docks cleaned and hope the birds can hold off till launch.

Bird deterrents- Parks mentioned looking into some device to deter the bird mess until boats are launched.

Rodent Control issues- The marina has a control plan with live traps. It is important we clean up our open food as to not attract raccoons onto the docks.

Spider issues- Eric our Marina manager is working with an outside vendor to help control this through summer. This should include an application once we warm up a bit and again later this season.

Center bath ventilation- The duck work was replaced and replaceable filters added.

Stray Voltage- let the marina know if stray voltage or power lines are in the water. Owners will be notified.

Improved fuel quality- We worked diligently to get a non-ethanol fuel to the pumps. We received letters from the US EPA and DNR Stating ethanol is not a requirement anywhere. Fuel needs to meet RFG standards and many chemicals including ethanol can help achieve octane ratings to meet the RFG requirement. The corn / ethanol lobby is very strong.

Secure Bike Racks in fenced area- Marina has stated due to lack of gated space, racks will remain as is.

Non-refundable verbiage on contract- County parks has stated they will review the verbiage to remove the term Non-refundable from the contract. It is now done prior to publishing the rental fees.

Dock Cart returns- One complaint is that some tenants are not returning dock carts to the sea wall for others to use. The marina added new carts last year and Mcboat has contracted to have engraved plaques made to remind tenants to return the carts. We will work with the marina to get them added to carts.

We have a few more action items in process:

*Possibly a Members only West Marine discount day near the season end.

*A Limited Online PDF Directory. We anticipate in 2016 to have a printed directory!

*A possible summer concert at the pavilion where the old Coast Guard Station was.

*List posting all events that would impede access including parking operations.

We will update as Action items solidify.

*Posting of the new board members with a short bio about them.

If you are a paid member THANKS for making this all possible. If you are considering joining. The more members, the more influence we will have.

Warm Sun & Calm Seas!


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