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McBoat Waterline Communication

Hello McKinley Marina Boaters,

The boating season is just a few short months away. McBoat has been meeting on behalf of the tenants.

Last year there were many action items knocked off our wish list. Notably so, McBoat successfully worked with county government, county parks, the marina, and law enforcement to ensure McKinley Marina Tenants had Reasonable Access during the LMD Closures. We are proud to say this was our greatest challenge and that all parties worked well together resulting in very little inconvenience to us the tenants.

We then focused efforts on safety issues. While we did not get dock safety ladders installed. We have learned a great deal about the issue and plan to keep this on our list. You may have noted all the throw rings were updated and or cleaned to be acceptable for use. The bushes and trees around lots were trimmed back or removed and as a result. We had not heard the level of break-ins this past season as compared to prior.

We had complaints regarding marina signage not being detail enough to locate an area should an emergency occur. Working with Parks and The Marina we were able to see a new large sign in front of the center marina entrance as well as signage for each marina gate entrance.

The marina did take our suggestion to replace the old shower curtains with new custom curtains. I’m sure you noticed the good job the staff has done with the raccoon abatement all season. Prior to opening all docks were pressure washed. Unfortunately, where there were no boats some sea gulls took this as an opportunity.

All power pedestals were cleaned, the docks were sprayed several times for the dreaded spiders, and the trades came in to fix the broken water lines and burned out light ballasts.

McBoat produced signage that was added to each dock cart to remind tenants to kindly return them to the sea wall so dock neighbors could enjoy the use as well. The center parking lot did not see new asphalt but did get lines painted.

Late fall the painting crews came in. They prepped and painted the railings surrounding the marina. Very nice work as the railings was brought back to life.

On to 2016 Boating Season. This winter the board was in communication with parks regarding installation of a completely new Wi-Fi system. As of our last update, contractors were on the docks assessing the scope of work. The new Wi-Fi is slated to be running near the official May 1st start opening of the Marina. We are certain many of you are looking forward to this benefit.

McBoat Directory- Your requests have led to the re-creation of the famed McKinley Marina Boat Owners Directory. To keep this as a no cost benefit we have made this a Marina Directory / Services Directory. We have been soliciting vendors to run adds to offset some of the cost of this booklet.

West Marine McBoat Member Port Pricing. Saturday April 2nd & Sunday April 3rd as a 2016 McBoat member you will enjoy Port pricing, the prices vendors pay for items at West Marine. All Current 2016 McBoat members will receive an e-mail for this sale. You must present this e-mail letter at check out to receive port pricing on your purchases. Many thanks to both West Marine and Pitches our round house vendor to make this possible. Letters will be sent in Mid-March.

2016 McBoat Member Drive Pre-Launch Party Saturday April 30th 11AM – 3PM @The marina Pavilion. Pick up a copy of The New 2016 McBoat Tenant / Services Directory, Meet up with dock neighbors; enjoy Free Beer, Free Soda, Brats & Dogs while they last. If not already a current member. Re-new your $15 dollar membership in The McKinley Marina Boat Owners Association.

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