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Beautification Committee

Greetings interested McBoat members!

Thank you for expressing an interest in our newly formed BEAUTIFICATION COMMITTEE. Our objective is to restore the Marina’s appearance to its once cherished, and welcoming look with flowers and plants.

We are open to all ideas. From hanging pots, to gate “flower barrels”, to small planters; we welcome your input.

Please email me with how you would like to participate, and we will set up a meeting. We will not ask you for ANY money or donations (unless they can be planted, of course). We just ask for your ideas, your green thumbs, and your enthusiasm.

We will need planners, buyers, planters, and even summertime watering helpers. Let me know your area of interest and we will get together. I look forward to meeting each of you!


Paul Thielen (F-43)

Committee Chairman, and McBoat Board Member

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