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Its That Time of Year.....

As the 2018 boating season winds down and we turn our attention to thoughts of scarring trick-or-treating kids and thanksgiving even further away as we try to fight off seeing that Christmas display that just popped up in our favorite shopping mega store. There is one more event which happens this time of year, Milwaukee County Budget Proposals and hearings. The 2019 Recommended Operating Budget by County Executive Chris Able can be found here:

And while I am certain some people may find all 452 pages of it riveting and thought provoking we are really only interested in talking about page 361 of the budget which states:

"...Increased fees in golf, aquatics, dog exercise areas, marina, and horticulture..."

And Again on page 372 which reads:

"Increase fees in golf, aquatics, dog exercise areas, marina, and horticulture."

The key here is that County Executive Chris Able is calling for fee increases at the Marina. What fees and how much? We simply don't know at this early time and we don't want to speculate at what it could mean either. What we do want everyone know about is what we are doing about it and what they can do. What is McBoat Doing?

We are already making arrangements to be at the meeting in which the Parks Budget is to be discussed. We are working with the Committee to secure time to testify to the committee on our opposition to slip fee increases.

We are also actively making plans to attend the Public hearing for the Budget on McKinley Slip tenants behalf to once again object to any slip fee increases for the marina tenants.

What Can I do?

You can also contact your elected Milwaukee County Supervisor. Don'

t know who that is? Use this tool ( to find your supervisor and get in contact with them. Tell them that you stand with McBoat against any Slip fee Increases!

Contact the Finance and Audit Committee-Budget members

Supervisor James "Luigi" Schmitt - 6th District Chairperson

P: 414-278-4273


Supervisor Eddie Cullen - 15th District

P: 414-278-4263


Supervisor Jason Haas - 14th District

P: 414-278-4252


Supervisor Sequanna Taylor - 2nd District

P: 414-278-4278


Supervisor Sheldon A. Wasserman - 3rd District

P: 414-278-4237


Supervisor Supreme Moore Omokunde - 10th District

P: 414-278-4265


Supervisor Willie Johnson - 13th District

P: 414-278-4233


Important Dates

10-9-18 at 9:00am Milwaukee County Finance and Audit Committee - Budget Meeting

Milwaukee County Court House 901 N. 9th Street, Room 203R Milwaukee, WI 53233

-Agenda Item 18-764A *LIMITED PUBLIC COMMENT IS ALLOWED* Link to agenda is here

10-29-18 at 6:00pm Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors Public Meeting on 2019 County Budget

Marcus Center for the Performing Arts 929 N. Water St. Milwaukee, WI 53202

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us at or via our social media platforms as well.

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