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LMD complete closures are no more!

McBoat was recently informed by the Parks Department that in 2015 there will be no more LMD closures to marina tenants!

That's right, this means we will have 24/7 access to the marina and our boats. This doesn't mean that there won't be events however. It simply means they, Parks Staff and Law Enforcement, have pledged to give marina tenants access to our slips when we choose.

There may still be some delay in getting tenants to their vessels as police and parks staff must maintain safety standards for both marina tenants and those participating in lakefront events. How long of a delay is yet to be seen, but will be constantly evaluated to make the best possible experience for tenants.

To also help alleviate any confusion the Parks department and Harbor Master Eric will be refining their notification system(s) to help get information about LMD closures and access plans to more people. These new plans may call for using other avenues tenants are not used to (such as the Mason St. Bridge). Carefully read each notification you receive about closures to ensure you are taking the proper route.

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