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Buoy Lights Project

Buoy Lighting and Maintenance

In 2018 McBOAT embarked on a bold plan to help improve the McKinley Marina Basin for all who transit through here during the nighttime and waning light hours.

That plan was to add solar power lights to the existing regulatory "Slow No Wake" buoys which surround the mooring basin. With the County Park's blessing as well as the blessings of the Coast Guard your McBOAT Board of Directors began the search for lighting options which would work for the marina and meet all applicable standards and lighting requirements.

In the beginning of the 2018 season McBOAT purchased 6 lights and through the generous

support and donations of President and Owner of Permay Plastics Mike Johnson the lights were installed on the buoys for no additional costs.

This brings us to where we are today.

We Need your Support!

While McBOAT wishes we could purchase al of the lights (20 in total) we simply do not have the funding to do so without crippling the organization for years to come and causing significant hardships to other operations of the organization. That's where you come in.

McBOAT has started a GoFundMe to raise the funds required to purchase and install the remaining lights as well as purchase spare parts and seed a "Buoy Maintenance Fund". The Buoy Maintenance Fund is only used for the repair maintenance and replacement of these illuminated buoys.

We hope you will see it through to donate what you can to make navigating the McKinley Marina basin at night a safer experience for all visitors who come to visit our great home. We will also accept donations at the Spring Splash or deliver your donation in Person to any Board of Director member.

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