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CELEBRATE!(with kindness)

As we approach one of the highest holy days in boating (and our Nation’s Birthday) we here in Milwaukee celebrate our yearly love/hate affair with the 3rd of July and all things that come with it.

Yes, the grilling and constant smells of great food is wonderful as are the time spent with friends sharing jokes and stories around a few adult beverages as kids do what kids do it’s easy to forget about the people who work to make things easy for us so we can celebrate and not have to work.

While we are enjoying the time on our boats and the water, they will be in the sun dealing with the thousands of people invading the lakefront to view the fireworks show of the evening. These are not our regular marina staff, this is a special Parking Operations crew brought in by the Parks adept to handle the sheer mass of cars coming to the lakefront.

These people have no idea about marina operations, and have no idea who you are or how long you have been a tenant at the marina. They are simply parking cars and taking money. So please do be understanding with them if they can’t accommodate or don’t even know how to accommodate your request. Along the same lines please make sure you have your parking passes in order, ready and visible to the staff when you approach the payment area. This will speed up your process and make your day and theirs much easier!

In conclusion, as you and I sit in our cars waiting to get access to the marina that we don’t have to pay for parking to. That the people are just doing their job. And this is their busiest day of their year, and kindness really does go along way.

Happy 3rd and 4th everyone and safe boating to all!

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